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Monday, May 29, 2017

May 28: hot pot

+ My mom fell down.  We were going to buy nice sea foods.  On the way, she fell down.  Sad.
+ In any event, we made Japanese hot pot.  I do not want to explain what each item is.
+ Yes, I am still on diet.  Seriously.

+ The followings are today's lunch.  Ma-po tofu plus asparagus with my mayo.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 27: Oden

+ A friend of mine gave me flowers as I was off from the work due to the oral surgery.  Yes, it is a happy yellow lily!
+ I cooked Oden.  It was a hectic day.  I went to the son's orchestra practice, then went to his Saturday school, then went to a haircut.  Then went to a birthday present shopping for my son's friend, and then came home.  Then cooked dinner.
+ Today (May 28) will be hopefully a bit more productive day.
+ The son  is writing in the birthday card for his friend, you will like my present, but this present is not my choice, it is my mom's choice...  Hnnn?  What's the point?  Well, if she does not like my present, she would blame you, not me...  Okay, thanks.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tomorrow will be a nice day!

+ I found a colorful bird!

Raw eggs and Salmonella

I found the site, ABC Health and Wellbeing that discusses how to treat raw eggs.  Basically, the message is that we should not eat eggs in raw.  In the end, the best practice is to buy pasteurized eggs.

May 24: Mayo Out

+ We started to cook potato salad.  I still feel a bit insecure about my teeth.  Potato salad is good for my teeth.  Then I found that mayo is gone!  Under this emergency, I made it by myself.  My mayo's pic.

+ I cooked roast beef and potato salad.  After making mayo, my mom asked, Shino didn't you say that outside of Japan, people do not expect that raw eggs are edible.  So, Salmonella is not treated and it is dangerous to eat raw eggs?  Yes, I used raw eggs in my mayo.  How do you deal with raw eggs, when making mayo outside of Japan?  I do not know.  In any event, we are fine (after eating it, we are very fine).  But I have to do research on this issue.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 23: Diary

+ I went to the specialist.  He took off stitches.  It seems, Everything is okay.
+ I cooked Ishikari Nabe, with salmon and tofu.
+ My husband and I are working on a model of financial crisis.  It is coming together.

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22: Diary

+ I made Pasta Salad and Roast Pork.
+ Stuffing is apples, cranberries, and nuts.

May 21: Diary

+ I bought this.  I will not drink more than 0.5 L of wine, per night.  I will not.  Yes, I will not.
+ I also cooked Bolognese pasta, prosciutto salad, and vegetable salad.



Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 14 - 18: Diary

+ Over the weekend, I did not do anything except for watching Japanese drama.  I was waiting for my oral surgery on Tuesday.  I tried to not _think_about_it.

+ Mother's day.  We went to Japanese restaurant, Sake. We ate enough.

+ On Tuesday.  I had an oral surgery.  I got 15 stitches.  I was super-scared.  The specialist's smile was overwhelmingly scary (?).  He said, Shino, this is something you are looking forward to...  Yes, the only good thing is, we can forget about it, right??

When I lie down, I tried simply, simply and simply to stay still.  I was on panic, when I saw the specialist and his assistant having a shower-cap (it should be called something else, but to me, it is the one that each hotel room has for their guests, in welcome packs).  A man (not a woman) having the cap!  This is the one I see only in TV!  Then they put me a shower-cap!  I repeated in my head, "I am carp on a chopping board, don't move, I am carp on a chopping board, don't move."

The surgery went fine, according to the specialist.  I did not move or could stay still, just thankful to my pride, that's it.

+ I am on baby foods diet, now.  I cannot eat anything hard.  My son told me, your face looks like a failed plastic surgery.  Please do not come to the school to pick me up.

+ Now on May 18, after two days, my face size is around of a melon size. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Butter Chicken

+ Our son wanted to join Japan study tour.  He was put in the waiting list, he complained because he thought that, he didn't get a spot as he is Japanese.  He was saying, it is a racial discrimination (!!!)
He got a letter saying that he got a spot!  Yes, see, it wasn't discrimination.

+ Today I will be making butter chicken.

+ I watched Japanese drama, yes I know, it is stupid.  But could not stop it.  My co-author told me, Shino you need a proper hobby.  Oh, yes. Not like, trying to catch up the literature or trying to prove something.  Proper hobby.  You know, I play the piano.  I know, it's stupid but could not stop it...