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Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 14 - 18: Diary

+ Over the weekend, I did not do anything except for watching Japanese drama.  I was waiting for my oral surgery on Tuesday.  I tried to not _think_about_it.

+ Mother's day.  We went to Japanese restaurant, Sake. We ate enough.

+ On Tuesday.  I had an oral surgery.  I got 15 stitches.  I was super-scared.  The specialist's smile was overwhelmingly scary (?).  He said, Shino, this is something you are looking forward to...  Yes, the only good thing is, we can forget about it, right??

When I lie down, I tried simply, simply and simply to stay still.  I was on panic, when I saw the specialist and his assistant having a shower-cap (it should be called something else, but to me, it is the one that each hotel room has for their guests, in welcome packs).  A man (not a woman) having the cap!  This is the one I see only in TV!  Then they put me a shower-cap!  I repeated in my head, "I am carp on a chopping board, don't move, I am carp on a chopping board, don't move."

The surgery went fine, according to the specialist.  I did not move or could stay still, just thankful to my pride, that's it.

+ I am on baby foods diet, now.  I cannot eat anything hard.  My son told me, your face looks like a failed plastic surgery.  Please do not come to the school to pick me up.

+ Now on May 18, after two days, my face size is around of a melon size. 

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